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Turn a One-Minute Walkaround into a 3d Model

In three steps, you can make a video of a tree that we can turn into a 3d model

Step 1: Frame the Tree

Step back until you have the full height and most of the tree in frame. Make sure to cover all the parts of the canopy as you walk around.

Step 1.jpg

Step 2: Circle the Tree

Try to get at least halfway around the tree, keeping the tree in frame and avoiding too many bumps. 

Step 2.jpg

Step 3: Avoid the Sun

Large changes in light can have a major impact on the quality of a model. Overcast days, time of day, and choosing the right path for your walkaround video can greatly improve the end product we give you.  

Step 3.jpg

You give us this:

We give you this:


Advanced Issues

  • What if the objects in between me and the tree are too big, and I have to get so close to the tree I can't fit it into frame?
    The secret to succeeding in this scenario is overlap. You will need to do multiple passes and make sure that each pass overlaps with the one before it. Below is an example of how you might set the first frame for seven passes, starting at the top of the tree and slowly working your way down to the base. You probably won't need this made takes for a model, but it is best to err on the side of more overlap (and more takes). If there is too little, we won't be able to process the model.
  • What if there are objects in the way of the tree I want modeled ?
    It's normal for other trees, structures, and vehicles that turn up in your video. As long as the objects are thin (like other trees) or smaller, there shouldn't be a problem. As long as you don't have constant long breaks, where the tree is completely obscured, you should be alright. Below is a sample path walked to create the sample pruning of the White Oak (large tree in red) on the home page. The video path went around a number of trees (dots), a parking structure, and a bucket truck (both rectangles), Because there were no leaves on the trees and I had a clean walking area, I was able to get an easy capture following the line shown below.
  • What if I want to capture the tree line and the house across from it
    In this case you will want to make a full ellipse, where half of the ellipse is focused on the tree line and the other half is focused on the house.
  • How do I get dimensions added to my model?
    There are two ways to do this: If you want to use videos, include an object with high contrast and known dimensions in your walkaround (a garbage can or a pole saw pole) and give us the width, height, or length of the object. We can use this to calibrate the model. Instead of videos, take a series of overlapping photos. You need to have at least 60 clear photos, evenly spaced apart (one photo for every one or two steps). You also need to make sure your location permissions are enabled for your cellphone camera app, so that GPS information can be included with each picture.
  • How do I capture an entire tree line?
    There are two parts to this. The first part is to turn your circular path into an oval and make sure you are back far enough to keep the full height of what you want to capture in frame (everything in red). The second part is to follow up with more circular shots of areas you want to emphasize, like the tree marked in purple or the smaller trees marked in yellow.
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