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Who We Are

Aerial Arborist Innovations started, like many ideas do, in response to a problem.

Even the best companies occasionally cut down the wrong tree, waste time finding trees, and have a difficult time communicating which limbs are best to prune. Online maps and photos are helpful, but workers still often struggle with looking at a green blob where the tree is supposed to be on the map and need to find the angle a photo was taken from for images to be useful. 3d models and maps solve many of these issues by providing a way of looking at a tree or a job that is one step closer to the way they are looked at by everyone involved with the job, from the owner to the sales representative, to the arborist performing the work. 


Our Mission

Aerial Arborist Innovations exists to provide the technology and expertise to produce detailed maps of tree structures for a better means of communication between those seeking and those offering tree pruning and removal services.

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