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What We Can Do for You

3d Model Processing and Cleaning

Processing 3.jpg


Send your photos or video to us. If they are taken correctly, we can turn them into a 3d model.  Click the button below to see how this option could be useful for you. 

3d Models from Ground-Based Image and Video Capturing

Ground Based.bmp

For Ann Arbor, MI and nearby areas. Depending on the terrain and tree location, this is usually the quickest and least expensive way for us to create a 3d model of your tree(s) from start to finish. You will also receive any videos or photographs used to make the model.

Highlighting and Annotating Models


We can highlight limbs and trees you want removed or pruned and include your notes with a model you can pass on to your customers and crews. 

3d Models and Maps from Aerial Images and Videos


For Ann Arbor, MI and nearby areas, we are commercially licensed to operate drones for aerial imagery to create 3d maps and more detailed models of trees. You will also receive any videos or photographs used to make the model.

Silver Maple.jpg
“More accurate specifications and more predictable outcomes for high value trees could be achieved by assessing the effects of pruning on a tree's pruned form, and the extent of proposed pruning can be gauged easily using the [3d model] prior to the pruning of the tree.” 

James Roberts and Duncan Slater, writing for the ISA's journal, Agriculture and Urban Forestry

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